Case Studies

United kingdom
Logistics / saas
Offshore marine logistics
This software was specifically designed to cater to the offshore oil and gas marine support sector.
United states
real estate/ saas
Property documentation
The service helps homeowners to organize and access information about their properties.
United kingdom
fin-tech / TECH FIRM
Cryptocurrency market
The service provides up-to-date real-time cryptocurrency market data for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, and investors.
United states
management / saas
School management system
A comprehensive school activity tracking system with a sustainable revenue model.
retail / e-commerce
E-Commerce for electronics retailer
Revolutionizing a traditional store into a dynamic digital commerce powerhouse, embracing innovation.
food / e-commerce
Online grocery shopping
Revolutionizing and redefining the way we shop for food online, enhancing the digital experience.
United states
recruitment / saas
Recruitment platform
A user-friendly platform that helps to streamline and monitor the entire recruitment process.
Logistic management
Platform that simplifies the logistics process and provides users with practical shipment management tools.
United kingdom
auto / e-commerce
E-commerce auto parts
Revolutionizing and driving relentless innovation in auto parts retail, transforming the customer experience and industry landscape.
united kingdom
cosmetics / e-commerce
E-commerce for cosmetics
Platform specializing in an extensive array of beauty and skincare products.
ed-tech / saas
E-learning platform
Online education hub offering diverse courses in Development, Business, IT Software and more.
ed-teach / saas
Education app
The education  app aims to connect learners with top mentors and provide lifetime course access.
United states
ed-tech / saas
Education platform
Online user-friendly education platform to streamline the learn process,easy access to course materials and progress tracking.
United states
health / saas
Health appointment management
Platform that simplifies the process of scheduling and managing medical appointments for both patients and healthcare providers.
United states
health / saas
Health appointment app
The platform which optimizes the healthcare experience, helps with prescription management, and direct communication with doctors.
United states
health / saas
Video appointment app
The platform simplifies finding and booking video consultations with trusted doctors, tailored to patients' medical needs and schedules.