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We create human-centered UI/UX solutions for B2B, B2C and C2C products across all the platforms.

Product strategy

We analyze your requirements in detail to discover business goals, user needs and pain points. We also conduct a research and UI/UX audit of your product and other products in the sector to define key use cases and possible effective UX solutions. As a result, we provide a detailed mind map to show the entire product functional architecture in a clear and simple way. This helps to save time and money on further the steps of the project.

User Interface design

As a UI/UX agency, we are passionate about finding and implementing smart, user-friendly UX solutions for complex interfaces that presume multiple user scenarios for B2B, B2C, C2C web and mobile products across all the industries. We know that even complex software – enterprise, fintech, edtech, Saas services, e-Commerce platforms, B2B, B2C, C2С marketplaces, etc. – may become much more friendly if designed with empathy.  That’s why we put much value on understanding the user’s needs and pain points to find the best possible UX solutions for your products. Our UX engineers deliver high-fidelity prototypes that allow testing real user experience as if your product was already launched.


Working closely with UI/UX designers, our front-end and back-end engineers provide the latest tech solutions to fit the requirements and make your product live.

Case Studies

United kingdom
Logistics / saas
Offshore marine logistics
This software was specifically designed to cater to the offshore oil and gas marine support sector.
United states
real estate / saas
Property documentation
The service helps homeowners to organize and access information about their properties.
United kingdom
fin-tech / saas
Cryptocurrency market
The service provides up-to-date real-time cryptocurrency market data for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, and investors.
United states
management / saas
School management system
A comprehensive school activity tracking system with a sustainable revenue model.
More case studies

How we make it

1. UI/UX Audit

Our UX engineers and UI experts test and report the most impacting UI/UX issues and provide solutions to build consistent user experience, increase conversion and reduce maintenance.

2. Research & Discovery

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business to discover business goals, user needs and pain points, define key use cases, industry best practices and possible UX solutions.

2. Product Architecture

Once we get a clear vision of your future product, we build a detailed mind map to show the entire product functional structure in a clear and simple way.

4. Wireframing

According to the mind map we create a wireframe to figure the information architecture and get a primary vision of the key functional sections layout.

5. UX Prototyping

We build a detailed clickable prototype to test the real User experience before even starting the graphic design.

6. UI Graphic Design

According to the prototype we create the UI graphics. We work out the color scheme and typography to create the hi end UI according to the latest guidelines.