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Product Designer (UX/UI Desktop, mobile)

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Project goal

Home - Landing page

Skills and deliverables

User Experience Design
UI/UX Prototyping
Product Design


👉 Renovation history and contributors overview. I designed the feature to enable users to document and track details of home repairs, including the specific renovations undertaken and the individuals or companies responsible for their execution. This feature offers homeowners a comprehensive overview of their property's maintenance history.

👉 Technical equipment and warranty records. Another crucial component of the project was to design a platform for users to record and store information about the specialized equipment installed in their homes. Additionally, the service allows users to maintain records of warranties associated with this equipment. This ensures that homeowners have easy access to relevant warranty information when needed.

List of properties with links to relevant documents
Key features and available documents for reference
Contractors' list and their past works on properties
Contractor info, reviews & property links
Contractor's work list with property references for property projects
Property documents sorted by rooms
Popup windows for uploading documents, site registration, etc
Adaptive design for all devices and user needs
A mind map displays the logical connections and various user scenarios
The Style Guide includes color schemes and fonts