World Of Avatar is an entertainment mobile app that allows users to create incredible avatars and customize their appearance.

Main Information

Services provided

UI/UX design





Project duration

3 months

WOA is an app where users can create characters and customize them according to their liking. These characters, also called Avatars, pops up on the mobile phone’s screen whatever app you’re in. They inform the users about any notifications as well as from whence and from whom they are. The users can create different avatars for each of the contacts.

Project Functionality

Wireframing and prototyping

The client came to us with the idea of creating an entertainment mobile application. After a thorough analysis, of the requirements, we made a mindmap that significantly helped to visualize the client's thoughts and organize information into an ordered hierarchy. Based on the approved mindmap, we created wireframes that were linked to a prototype.

Interface design

Our next step was to work on stylistics. So, we offered 3 different variants of stylistics. Each of them was fundamentally different from the other ones. This approach lets us try various options to find the best one. Ultimately, we have approved one of the stylistic options and made all of the screens in it.

User testing

Finally, we moved to the testing stage. We had 20 people test the prototype in app stylistics and share their feedback. After carefully analyzing the reviews, we identified the most common suggestions. Then we made all the required corrections to ensure the design being as user-friendly and attractive as possible.

Our feedback

Our main focus was on building an eye-catching design that will definitely be favored by the users. That’s why we have chosen some design options to be tested. After getting lots of positive positive feedback to one of them we got that this is exactly what we need. The most important thing for us is to meet the client’s expectations and satisfy the end users. Our team is proud of this application and hope it will get the success it deserves!

Key Takeaways

As a result of our cooperation, we have managed to create an attractive and convenient UX/UI design for the WOA app. We carefully thought out and implemented typography, color system, and design language. Now the app provides an excellent emotional and functional experience satisfying even the most sophisticated users.

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