Logistic management


Product Designer (UX/UI Desktop)

Project goal

👉 The project aimed to design a Logistics platform that simplifies the logistics process and provides users with practical shipment management tools.

Shipment setup: origin address, destination, and packaging selection

Skills and deliverables

User Experience Design
Logistics Management
UI/UX Prototyping
Logistics Coordination
Supply Chain & Logistics
Project Logistics
Desktop Application


👉 Thorough user research was conducted to understand logistics managers' needs and pain points. Design principles of clarity, consistency, and user-centricity were established to guide the project.

👉 The platform redesign improved the user experience with easy input of shipping details, custom packaging options, clear service comparison, comprehensive shipment overview, real-time tracking, and printable labels.less

Service selection: choose the preferred shipping option
Order tracking and shipping label generation
Guided process: completing shipment details and dimensions
Style Guide covers the color palettes and font choices