E-Commerce for electronics retailer


Product Designer (UX/UI Desktop)

Project goal

Our client, a traditional electronics retailer with physical stores, faces increasing competition from e-commerce giants like Best Buy. The client has a substantial physical presence but struggles to keep up with the online shopping trends and customer preferences. They need to adapt quickly to stay competitive in the digital age.

The primary challenge is creating an e-commerce platform that can compete effectively in the online marketplace. This challenge involves several facets:

👉 User Experience (UX): The website must be user-friendly and responsive and provide advanced search and filtering capabilities for electronic products.

👉 Product Catalog and Inventory Management: The client needs an efficient system for managing their extensive product catalog and ensuring accurate inventory levels online. They should also implement a mechanism for showcasing product ratings and reviews to build customer trust.

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Skills and deliverables

User Experience Design
Ecommerce Website
Retail & Consumer Goods
Web Design


After implementing the project solution, the client successfully transformed into a competitive e-commerce retailer. They experienced significant growth in online sales and customer engagement. The user-friendly website, efficient inventory management, and exceptional customer support helped them gain a competitive edge in the online marketplace, showcasing the importance of adapting to digital transformation in the modern retail landscape.

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